Heating Blanket Double Bed Size 150cmX180cm Electric




Important information; Safety Information:

This is not much of a blanket. It is meant to be placed only under the bedsheet and not to cover oneself under it.

Do not connect to power source when folded

Do not leave children, disabled or elderly unattended while in use.

Do not turn on the power if the electric blanket is wet. Connect the electric blanket to a proper AC power supply.

Do not use for pets or any animals. Do not wash.

This bed-sheet heater keeps the bed warm, giving you a good night’s sleep even on harsh winter nights

Carefully read the user manual shipped with your Derby Under Blanket before using.

For the initial few minutes, let it heat up with the highest heat setting. You will need to turn it off before you go to sleep.

Note: This product is intended to keep your bed at a constant and comfortable temperature to fight the cold winter nights. You may not feel the blanket as warm as you expect when you touch it, but it is designed for your safety, health, and comfort.

Switch off after maximum 60 minutes. The blanket needs to be checked and taken off after regular intervals to avoid heating.

The manufacturer or seller will not be responsible for any accidents due to not following the instructions


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