A tropical evergreen tree native to south East Asia, noni or Morinda Citrifolia is a rich source of protein, carbohydrates and high concentration of phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals. Noni Capsules supports overall health and well being. It contains Xeronine, which enables enlargement of pores in the walls of the human cells to allow nutrients to enter and increase the absorption of nutrients. Noni Capsules helps to strengthen the immune system as it contains a number of essential vitamins and minerals. People suffering from respiratory problems may benefit from its consumption. It helps prevent various skin and hair issues. It also helps to provide a healthy digestive system. Noni Capsule helps to reduce the cellular damage and internal inflammation caused by tobacco smoke. It helps reduce the inflammation and cholesterol levels that may increase your risk of heart disease. Noni Capsule is rich in various nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that work as a body tonic. It works wonders in alleviating joint pain conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, gout and osteoporosis. It contain high amount of vitamin C, poly nutrients and minerals that keep blood vessels healthy to keep your heart healthy. It is also rich in specific compounds scopoletin and Xeronine which may lower blood pressure. It also stimulates the production of nitric oxide that reduces tumor growth. It helps your body fight against the cancerous replication of cells. Noni Capsule helps moisturize your skin and reduce the dryness and fine lines from the skin. it also helps your brain stay healthier and plaque does not build up in arteries feeding the brain, keeping it properly oxygenated. This healthy blood supply keeps your memory sharp.

The main ingredient in Noni Capsules:

  • Noni

Noni: Polynesian healers have used Noni fruits for thousands of years to help treat a variety of health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, aches, pains, burns, arthritis, inflammation, tumors, the effects of aging, and parasitic, viral, and bacterial infections. Noni has traditionally been used for colds, flu, diabetes, anxiety, and high blood pressure, as well as for depression and anxiety. Noni has the nickname of “The Tree for the Headaches” and “The Painkiller Tree”.  Noni stimulates serotonin and melatonin two very important hormones. Noni properties are used on skin and scalp conditions, such as eczema, ring worm, also rubbed on scalp for lustrous hairs and will keep your skin young. Noni stimulates the production of nitric oxide. Noni prevents the LDL cholesterol, thus reducing plaque in arteries, keeping you healthy and alive a longer. Noni is high in soluble fibers which helps ease the strain on the intestine and soften stools. It contains anthraquinones, scopoletin, and terpenes, among others all work together to fight diseases.

It is an extremely potent formulation of natural ayurvedic ingredient Noni. It boosts immunity of the body and improves cell regeneration. It is known to enhance blood circulation & maintain the energy levels. It improves the metabolism of the body to fight diseases. Noni Capsules 500mg, may help alleviate symptoms of arthritis, capsules detoxifies body, maintains healthy skin and hair, relieves pain.


Benefits of Noni Capsules:

  • Prevent arthritis
  • Lowers risk of gout
  • Boost energy
  • Fight aging
  • Prevent scalp irritation
  • Prevent cancer
  • Prevent fever
  • Boost immunity
  • Reduce stress
  • Protects your heart health


Dosage Form: Take 1 Noni Capsule three Times a day with Lukewarm Water or as directed by the professional Dietician.

Side Effects: Noni Capsule has no side effects.



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