HEEL ANTI-CRACK SETS (anti-chapped dry rough,hornythick,crust)




Product description

Good Choice India provides you 100% genuine & brand new product..Cracked heels can become soft and supple with our Anti-chapped, dry rough hornythick, crust heel crack sets. Cracked toes and heels. Just slip on these comfortable booties and wear them to bed, around the house, or anywhere you go! No more heel crack on each foot. Relieve the heel problems, such as, corn, callus, bunion, chapping, pain, breaking, cracked skin and sports injuries. Moisture and comfort your dry heel in dry season. No slippage, no longer your heels rubbing the shoes next to it.

1Pair Reusable Foot Silicone Heel Socks For Pedicure Against Cracking Chap Pain Protector Moisturizing Breathable Back Heel Sock . Orthopedic silicone heel protectors: protects heel bone from extreme pressure, fatigue and strain, prevents thickening of heel skin, keeps heel safe from blisters, chipped skin, corn. These moisturising heel sleeve provides hydration treatment to repair your dry, painful, hard, cracked skin on your heels and prevent joint pain. Also provide ankle support and an improvement of the appearance by helping reduce fine lines of aging. These heel protector socks can also be used with foot cream Relief pain: prevents joints and foot pain caused by poorly padded footwear, daily weight pressure, walking and standing. Ultimate heel pain and heel swelling relief. Heel pad provides extra cushioning, shock absorption, anti-slip and breathable. Top Fine. Ultimate heel comfort, stability, reusable, economic and hygienic. Unisize: one size fits for. Provides extra cushioning,shock absorption,anti-slip, anti-crack, breathable, ultimate heel pain relief slip-on pads, for heel pain, spurs, heel swelling. Top Fine. One pair, two units, universal size..Most thickest heel slip ons for ultimate heel comfort stability for firm foot-fall. This foot heel protector is reusable,economic,hygienic to wear under shoes or barefooted. Washable and reusabe: hand wash in water with detergent powder and dry in a shade avoiding direct exposure to sunlight Direction for usage: if you are confused how to wear it, then please refer to the images that we have uploaded for this product. And please do not wear continuously and do not walk too much with wearing the product on your heel because it is soft delicate and may not be able to withstand outdoor walking. These heel bands are ideal for men and women.

About this item

  • One size durable and stretchy design fits most feet.
  • Medical grade silicone soft gel cradles the heel for extra comfort.
  • Keeps skin comfortably moisturized to prevent dry skin
  • Lightweight, good for your sore foot and heels, Great Inserts for running, jogging, walking, and standing.


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